Direct Choice loans

Direct Choice loans – providing simple access to multiple loan options

Direct Choice is a leading loan-finding service that helps you find the ideal personal loan, short term insurance or life cover which matches your needs precisely. The service, which is free, helps you get the most affordable quick loans. The service is available online, making it easily accessible. Founded in 1995, Direct Choice is a reputable institution that is trusted with making the lives of its clients more convenient. Continue reading

Direct Axis loans

Direct Axis loans – specialist vehicle and personal loan provider

Formed in 1995, Direct Axis is a specialist provider of vehicle and personal finance. Vehicle finance offered by the lender is a product designed together with Wesbank private finance. Offering customised loan solutions and speedy loan approval, Direct Axis is a registered credit provider. Loan offers are completely transparent, so you have the assurance of knowing exactly how much you have to repay. Continue reading

sa loans services

Convenient blacklisted loan solutions from SA Loans Services

SA Loans Services – Forming part of Finance Wizard, which is one of the fastest-growing personal micro finance providers in South Africa, SA Loans Services are accredited financial brokers specialising in blacklisted loan provision. The institution ensures that each of their clients gets approved for a loan which matches their personal financial emergency requirements. Through a hassle-free process, SA Loans Services offers access to credit products from specialised lenders. Continue reading

online loans

Do Affordable Online Loans Exist?

Online loans are becoming more conventional nowadays. More people are applying for these loans instead of having to spend hours waiting in long bank queues and having to go through lengthy face-to-face interviews with consultants. By simply using a computer or smart device, you can access online loans anywhere and at any time. Continue reading

Fincheck Loans – simple cash loan solutions

Fincheck Loans – Nowadays borrowers have access to a multitude of lending institutions from which to choose. While this has a number of advantages, it also makes it a lot trickier to choose the right lender. This is where getting help from a comparison site can be particularly useful.

Fincheck is a 100% independent financial institution that provides access to quick loans online. Free comparison options are available online. This shows you all the best cash loan options available for your needs. Continue reading


Finchoice Advance Loans

Finchoice Advance Loans – Originating from the Home Choice legacy, Finchoice offers convenient advance loans to South Africans who have a good credit score and a valid bank account. As a leading short term loan provider, Finchoice provides access to various advance items that can be paid off over 6, 12 or 24 months. Continue reading


Equi-Advance – convenient short term loans for companies

Equi-Advance is a private company that specialises in providing the most suitable short term credit solutions for companies. The organisation processes applications swiftly and offers the most competitive interest rates in the market as well as the most flexible terms and conditions. By choosing Equi-Advance, you are guaranteed a quick and reliable cash flow management
solution. Loans that are offered are suitable for small and medium enterprises. Continue reading

ec loans

EC Loans – quick cash loans specialists

EC Loans – Life is known to be unpredictable at times. Expenses can come up at the most unexpected of times, making it challenging to stick to a budget. At times like this it can be helpful to get some help in the form of extra funds from a micro financial institution. EC Loans is a micro lending institution that specialises in providing quick cash loans. Having access to a quick cash loan can be ideal for when you need finance to pay for an emergency medical bill, or for school fees or for car repairs. Continue reading