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A guide to how Debt Counselling works

Debt Counselling – Being in debt doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It can only become burdensome when you can’t afford to keep up with repayments. When you are over-indebted, it will help to get help from a professional During the debt counselling process a debt counsellor will look into your financial situation and then make recommendations to credit providers on your behalf. Continue reading

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A guide to Personal Cash Loans in South Africa

Personal Cash Loans in South Africa – The South African financial industry has changed significantly in recent years. While in the past, most people had to rely on banks to get access to personal loans, the amendment of the National Credit Act has made it easier for micro lending institutions to operate. South African borrowers now have various options from which to choose when they are looking for financial solutions. Continue reading

personal cash loans

A guide to Quick Cash Loans

Quick Cash Loans – Life can be unpredictable and unexpected expenses may come up occasionally. Borrowing money from family and friends can be an option during such times, but if this isn’t an option, there are various other loan options available. If you need access to quick cash loans, you can use a variety of loans that are available in South Africa. Continue reading

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A guide to Credit Cards

Credit Cards are essentially unsecured forms of credit. No collateral is required when applying for them. They work similarly to overdrafts, in the sense that you can borrow money up to a set limit and you will have an interest-free period to repay your debt. If you don’t pay before this period expires, you will be charged interest on the outstanding balance. Having a credit card can be most helpful in cases of emergency, when you don’t have access to large amounts of cash. Continue reading

Debt Counselling

How Debt Counselling in South Africa works

Debt Counselling in South Africa – Getting into the debt trap is easy nowadays. With the high cost of living, more people are turning to credit cards or personal loans for access to extra finance. With multiple debts to keep track of, it can be so easy to lose track. Getting into a debt trap may also be caused by having too much debt without enough disposable income. Continue reading