Direct Axis loans

Direct Axis loans – specialist vehicle and personal loan provider

Formed in 1995, Direct Axis is a specialist provider of vehicle and personal finance. Vehicle finance offered by the lender is a product designed together with Wesbank private finance. Offering customised loan solutions and speedy loan approval, Direct Axis is a registered credit provider. Loan offers are completely transparent, so you have the assurance of knowing exactly how much you have to repay.

With Direct Axis, you can expect nothing less than transparent, reliable and professional service. This is in addition to customise loan solutions and speedy loan approval. Their repayment schedules are designed to match your budget. Since inception, the institution has since granted more than one million personal loans.

More benefits offered by Direct Axis

By choosing Direct Axis, you get access to loans from R4000 to R150 000 maximum. The repayment term is between 2 and 6 years, so you have a flexible solution. Direct Axis understands the challenges that many people face once in a while, which wreak havoc on their finances. The lender offers clients the benefit of being able to skip one monthly instalment every year.

Interest rates are fixed for the duration of the loan, so instalment amounts remain consistent. Instalments aren’t affected by  fluctuations in the interest rates. These loans are unsecured, so applicants don’t need to provide any assets as collateral. In
addition, clients can expect a turnaround rate of 48 hours. Once the loan is approved, clients can expect a direct deposit into their bank account. Loans are subject to regulations set by the National Credit Act. This way, you are assured of processes that are in line with regulations.

What are the qualifying criteria?

  • You need to earn a minimum salary of R3000 per month
  • Be a South African citizen
  • Be at least 18 years or older

To contact Direct Axis, call: 0860 30 30 40 or visit