Prevance Capital

Get immediate cash advances from Prevance Capital

Prevance Capital – Getting access to a cash advance can be the best solution for you when you are facing a financial crisis. There are numerous ways to get access to a loan, such as approaching a traditional lender like a bank or by getting a loan from family or friends. There are some months when it’s difficult to make it through to the end of the month because of unexpected expenses. When it’s impossible to get approval from a traditional lender like a bank, it may be best to opt for a micro lender instead. Continue reading

How to Save for a Deposit and Secure a Loan

How to Save for a Deposit and Secure a Loan

Save for a Deposit – Buying a car or home can be quite expensive. For most people, this means applying for finance from a lending institution like a bank. One of the easiest ways to lower the total cost of the loan is by saving for a deposit. A deposit is the contribution you make towards the purchase of a house or car. Your chances of securing a loan are higher if you can put down a deposit of 10% to 20%. You may also get a lower interest rate as a result. Continue reading

Instant cash fund for emergencies

Instant cash fund for emergencies

Instant cash fund for emergencies – Most people have faced a financial emergency at some point in their life. The most common types of financial emergencies being as a result of loss of income, high medical bills or even urgent car or home repairs, it’s safe to say numerous people have faced one of these challenges. When facing financial challenges, many peoples’ first instinct is to apply for a loan. What most people don’t consider is how much better it would be to set up an instant cash fund for emergencies. Continue reading

personal loans approval

Advice for Personal Loan approval in South Africa

Personal loans in South Africa are offered in the form of secured or unsecured loans. The former requires some form of asset to be put down as collateral, while the latter don’t require any form of collateral. Personal loans are generally used for meeting personal needs, such as paying for school fees, paying for home improvements or for medical expenses. Continue reading


Getting the best from Finchoice

Finchoice is a registered credit provider based in Cape Town. Forming part of the Hollard Group, Finchoice is a personal finance specialist offering a wide variety of instant loan products. The institution is constantly looking to provide innovation and to make their service even better. By offering a wide variety of fully customisable personal loans with competitive rates, Finchoice gives clients the best loan solutions. Continue reading

lifestyle financial services

Lifestyle Financial Services – providing quick cash loans nationally

Lifestyle Financial Services is an authorised provider of microfinance in South Africa. Operating nationally, the lender specialises  in personal finance, quick cash loans and debt consolidation. The lender’s services are based on honesty, integrity and full dedication to its customers. Continue reading

hilton finance

Hilton Finance – quick, simple cash loan solutions

Hilton Finance is a National Credit Regulator- accredited firm with over 20 years of experience in the South African financial industry. The lender assists over 1000 clients per month with quick cash loans. As a financial institution offering cash loans, Hilton Finance has developed a reputation as a reliable lender. Continue reading