Prevance Capital

Get immediate cash advances from Prevance Capital

Prevance Capital – Getting access to a cash advance can be the best solution for you when you are facing a financial crisis. There are numerous ways to get access to a loan, such as approaching a traditional lender like a bank or by getting a loan from family or friends. There are some months when it’s difficult to make it through to the end of the month because of unexpected expenses. When it’s impossible to get approval from a traditional lender like a bank, it may be best to opt for a micro lender instead.

You could also simply approach a micro lending institution like Prevance Capital. If you need access to immediate cash advances, they may be the right solution for your needs. Whether you need to pay for an unexpected medical bill, or for tertiary registration fees, Prevance Capital may have the ideal financial solutions for your needs. You could even use the loan for home renovations, to buy stock for your business or to pay off multiple debts. Where the potential borrower is certain that they can repay the credit within an agreed number of months, a Prevance Capital loan may be the answer.

Good reasons to choose Prevance Capital

While a variety of flexible repayment options are available, a maximum affordable loan is offered. This means that the highest amount they can give you is relative to your salary. You can repay the loan off when your next payday comes around. Prevance Capital wants to help clients build their credit score on the long term.

Loan amounts between R500 000 and R5 million are available for business finance. You need to have unbonded property which can be utilised to secure an advance. Prevance Capital can also assist with the opening of a company, where larger banks will not provide the credit facility.

The lender guarantees quick, secure and seamless service. To contact Prevance Capital, call: 0860 987 987.