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Convenient blacklisted loan solutions from SA Loans Services

SA Loans Services – Forming part of Finance Wizard, which is one of the fastest-growing personal micro finance providers in South Africa, SA Loans Services are accredited financial brokers specialising in blacklisted loan provision. The institution ensures that each of their clients gets approved for a loan which matches their personal financial emergency requirements. Through a hassle-free process, SA Loans Services offers access to credit products from specialised lenders.

Being blacklisted can be a stressful experience. It also means that creditors aren’t willing to provide you with any credit, so you need to find a way to improve your credit if you have any hope of getting access to finance. Being blacklisted is never a pleasant experience. The reality is that there are various reasons that people find themselves in such situations. Some people fall behind on their debts as a result of unplanned events, such as retrenchment or critical illness.

After not paying instalments for a number of times, this may lead to a bad credit record. Loans for blacklisted people have given people hope again. While it’s true that it can be harder to get a loan with a bad credit record, these loans have proven that it’s not
impossible. The good news is that there are specialist blacklisted loan brokers like SA Loans Services who are willing to provide access to loans at affordable rates.

Founded in 2004, SA Loans Services has been operating online since 2011. The institution offers speedy and comprehensive service, which is based on experience and expertise. The company works exclusively with employed individuals, who can prove that they will be able to afford to make repayments on the loans.

With the loan options made available by SA Loans Services, there is no need to provide collateral. The loan amount is highly flexible and will depend on your needs, your income and current debt as well. The actual rate on your loan will be determined by your individual credit history. Once you are offered a loan, you can choose whether it is affordable enough for you or not. To contact SA Loans Services, call: 087 808 6312.